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Boost Your Startup or Small Business with These 6 Affordable Business Branding Tools

One of the most complicated parts of running a business is building your brand! Here are 6 affordable business branding tools for startups and small businesses to help you get ahead in today’s market!


You don’t have to spend everything just to build a business brand! There are other, more affordable methods and techniques you can use to build a powerful brand!

One of the most complicated parts of running a business company is building a brand! The colors you choose, your brand logo, your company logo, can make or break your success.

In this article, we are going to show you how to boost your startup or small business. All you need to do is use these 6 affordable business branding tools:

  1. Canva – This is a free website for creating and designing presentations, email banners, social media graphics, flyers, and etc. You can also use instructions and how-to guides and hundreds of amazing layouts, making it super fun.
  2. Brandmark – This tool will help you design a website a custom logo, a blog, style guide and everything else you need in less than 5 minutes. This app will help you create a look and feel that is perfectly tailored to your company. All you need to do is enter a few keywords that are related to your business and Brandmark will continue creating various versions of your business logo until you find one you like.
  3. SlidesCarnival – You can now create business presentations with these easy-to-edit Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes. This is a great way to present important information in an attractive and unique visual way.
  4. Withoomph – This tool allows you to create your own logo according to your personal needs and preferences. You can edit your logo with colors and typography and once you are done, you can buy the logo for $20.
  5. LogoJoy – Whether you are rebranding your business or you are starting a blog, this tool will make it easier for you to find and get a perfect logo for your brand. This tool produces all kinds of designs!
  6. COLOURlovers – This is a creative community that helps individuals discover their creativity and innovation. They offer people a wealth of color inspiration and great tools that make the design process as easy as possible. This business branding tool can provide you with all tools and services you need to complete your project.

Have fun!

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